27 September 2016 Dehydrating

http://durgan.org/2016/September%202016/27%20September%202016%20Dehydrating/HTML/ 27 September 2016 Dehydrating
Three types of food was dehydrated for about 12 hours. The process was to make a slurry, pour onto Teflon pans lightly greased with olive oil. The material was dried for about 12 hours at 135F. When completed the material was beat into a powder in a stand up blender. The end product was placed in bowls for current use and some was vacuum packed for longer storage. The material dried was a mixture of eggplant and tomato, some previously cooked soy beans, and some gruel. To appreciate the reduction about a liter of the soy beans and gruel was processed and yielded a bowl of dried material. One might ask why. The answer is a method of storage for off season use maintaining most of the materials nutrients. Small volume, and possible to store at almost any temperature.

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