25 Ocober 2016 Tomato Dehydrated using Psyllium

http://durgan.org/2016/October%202016/25%20Ocober%202016%20Tomato%20Dehydrated%20using%20Psyllium./HTML/ 25 Ocober 2016 Tomato Dehydrated using Psyllium
Instead of using nixtamalized corn to inhabit the dehydrated material from sticking to the pan, I now use psyllium husks purchased from a bulk food store. About 1/4 of cup is added to the blender when making the slurry. The dehydrated material is a solid sheet, and there is absolutely no sticking to the pan. The fiber supplied by the psyllium husks is considered a plus.

http://www.psylliums.com/ Psyllium Product Information.

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