Obtaining Quality Kefir Grains

Acquiring quality Kefir grains is left to chance. The commercial sellers of Kefir grains do not certify or test their product. Most people get their grains from a friend or probably from a seller on Kijiji.

This is one seller’s description of his grains, which is probably more than acceptable. Milk kefir grains.

“I obtained my milk kefir-grains in late summer of 1978 from a local friend who has her own milking goats. The circumstances surrounding the fashion if which I was able to procure those milk kefir-grains, which I was on the lookout for about 3 years prior, is an interesting story in its own merit. The culture has been diligently cared for by yours truly over this time. Among the original stock is currently a mixture of now 12 other batches of milk kefir-grains which have been obtained from different sources around the world over the years. These are now mixed together as a single batch, to ensure best quality culture from all batches mixed together as one. This is my personal observation with much research on my part.”

They are now available at a premium here.

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