Crosne Picked and Processed.(Stachys affinis) 10 November 2011 Crosne Picked and Processed.(Stachys affinis).
Crosne (Stadchys affinis) were harvested, since the vegetation started to die off.Tubers were as large as they ever get. There were about 12 plants total. The vegetation tends to matt. Digging was done with a fork to left the plant and expose the tubers and plucked off the roots.

The tubers must be used within a few day or they turn yellow due to air exposure. I eat a few fresh, boiled and served with a garnish of butter, then make the remainder into juice by pressure canning.They are sold in supermarkets to an unsuspecting public but are always in poor condition.

Method of preserving: Wash,cover with water, boil until soft about ten minutes, beat into a mash using the hand blender,pour into litre jars, and pressure can at 12 PSI for 15 minutes.

One plant was left in the garden, mulched, and will be used for planting in 2012 in very early Spring.They store well in a pot in garden soil in the garage or shed. They can take a lot of cold.

I tried pickling and storing in the refrigerator, but both methods are not satisfactory.A few were eaten raw. Just another garden vegetable, which takes little care to grow.They make a substitute for a potato.

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