16 May 2020 Red Lentil Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2020/May%202020/16%20May%202020%20Red%20lentil%20Tempeh/HTML/ 16 May 2020 Red lentil Tempeh

A half a liter of red hulled lentils from bulk barn were made into tempeh. These lentils are small and covered in white residue probably from the dehulling process, which need be washed off carefully to prevent the small seeds from coagulating and inhibiting the mycelium from permeating the material. Procedure is to wash several times,place in a pot of boiling water and when it starts to boil, time for 2 to 3 minutes for cooking.Stir gently while cooking to prevent coagulation.The seeds are small and cook very quickly and turn to mush if overcooked. After cooking drain well and cool to room temperature.
Add two tablespoons of white vinegar and mix. Add half a teaspoon of tempeh starter and mix very well.
Place in cotton covered mold and place in fermenter set at 31C for about 40 hours.The result is two large cakes of lentil tempeh. Annotated pictures depict the process.

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