Preparing corn bed 15 June 2014 Planting Indian coloured corn
Indian corn about 70 kernels, which was allowed to germinate under a wet paper was planted today. The kernels were placed under a protective board. The board prevents the ground from drying out and offers some protection against birds. Different corns have slightly different nutrition values and Indian corn is touted to be ideal for making masa and tortillas. 14 June 2014 Preparing corn bed
Preparing a corn bed 8 feet by 16 for planting Indian or Ornamental corn to make masa. This corn is various colors and is allowed to dry on the stalk and is treated like field corn.The bed was rototilled, sprinkled with 20 20 20 fertilizer and covered with one yard of wood chip mulch to retain moisture.The corn kernels were placed under a wet paper to germinate, and will be planted when the first root shoots appear in about two to four days. The boards mark the rows and spacing between is about two feet and kernels will be planted at about ten inche intervals in the row. The boards will be raised with cross pieces to allow the young plants row to grow. This protects from birds and keeps moisture present until the roots establish.

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