Making masa flour from raw corn 15 June 2014 Making masa flour from raw corn

About a liter mixture of Indian or ornamental corn and some Dent corn was made into masa flour.The corn was placed in a pot with about three liters of water and a quarter cup of calcium hydroxide powder. The combination was boiled for 20 minutes, then allowed to cool and soak for about 24 hours. This process removes the kernel skins and releases or modifies nutrients from the corn kernels. A most important step. After 24 hours the corn was rinsed and stirred until the water was clear. The end product at this stage is wet masa corn ready for grinding into dough. It may also be ingested as an addition for a breakfast cereal.

Since I find grinding wet corn to be difficult with my present tools, I dry the wet corn and grind it in this state. Procedure is to dehydrate the corn for about six hours until dry, then grind the corn in a blender for a rough blend, then the rough blend is put through a Wondermill Four Mill to make a fine flour ready to make dough for tortillas as needed by adding water. The finished product is stored in sealed containers and stored in the refrigerator. Pictures depict the process.

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