Processsing Soy Beans 10 November 2014 Processing Soy Beans
One liter of dried soy beans was made into a puree of five liters.About 250 ml of molasses was added to mask the soy flavor. A bowl of these beans is ingested for my daily breakfast.The liter storage containers are frozen until required. The beans will keep about seven days before molding in the refrigerator.
Method: Washed several times, boiled for one hour, drained and washed.Allowed to soak in water for 12 hours.Washed and rinsed,placed in a colander for pressure cooking with steam. Pressure cooked at 15 PSI for one hour. Soy beans don’t turn to mush with cooking. After removal from the pressure cooker, mixed with more water and 250 ml of molasses, plus the water left in the pressure cooker. Beat into a slurry with the hand blender.Stored in liter plastic containers and frozen until required.
Pressure Cooked

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