20 December 2016 Preparing Garlic

http://durgan.org/2016/December%202016/20%20December%202016%20Preparing%20Garlic/HTML/ 20 December 2016 Preparing Garlic
This garlic is from my garden. I weight to determine the size of my product.The bulb weighed 104 grams and the cloves were 14,23,28,12,10,17 grams. Average 17 grams.
Garlic has maximum beneficial effects if prepared prior to ingesting. To release the enzymes to be effective the garlic must be crushed and allowed to sit for a minimum of 15 minutes before utilizing. Also too high heat destroys the beneficial effects if applied for a long time. The chopped garlic is fried at low heat to ameliorate the burning effect of the garlic. It is preferable to eat raw but I find the flavour is too strong.

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